April Cacciatori

As a body-mind transformation coach incorporating her 18-year massage experience, April Cacciatori teaches the foundation of personal development and transformation through self-care, deep listening to the body and mind, intuitively with presence and awareness while her multiple artistic energies compel the journey she facilitates for herself and her clients.

April and the staff at Zensations Therapeutic Massage are NYS licensed massage therapists.

Our mission statement:

“The massage therapists at Zensations understand that many people have experienced physical trauma and/or feel stress on a daily basis resulting in chronic physical discomfort. Through massage therapy, in a professional setting, Zensations Therapeutic Massage delivers physical transformation resulting in feelings of well-being and diminished discomfort — You deserve to feel great in your body.”

Our signature service is the YCM — Your Custom Massage, is a blend of bodywork that encompasses a licensed massage therapist’s knowledge and training to be applied to prioritized needs that day/minute client is on the table. LMT strives to work with smooth, flowing relaxation as well as address client’s concerns, and pain points within LMT’s scope of practice.

April and her husband Enzo reside in Rome with daughter Jessica and family right down the street and daughter Kelsey not too far away in Boston.

April is the author of “Ordinary Zenspiration Find Your Chill, Find Your Fun, And Find Yourself.”

(315) 339-9100


316 N Washington St

Rome, NY 13440