Rome invests in lung cancer early detection

Rome Health now has advanced tracking software to help providers ensure that eligible patients receive critical screenings and follow up to assist in the early detection of lung cancer.

More people are now eligible for low-dose lung CT screening, under the expanded guidelines from the US Preventative Services Task Force.

Rome Health is a leading provider of screening services and personalized medicine.  It has further demonstrated its commitment to patients in the Central New York region by adopting Volpara Lung software, a comprehensive lung health tracking and management system.

“Lung cancer screening is essential care, especially for high-risk patients,” said physician John Restivo, chairman of Medical Imaging at Rome Health. “The newly expanded guidelines include a broader population than ever before, and we need to spread the message that lung cancer extends beyond smokers and previous smokers: there are many other people at risk for lung cancer. Volpara Lung software makes it easy for us to track screened patients, ensuring they receive critical follow-ups, and to notify providers of current recommended guidelines for at risk patients.”