Pep Fit: Health & Fitness Coaching

Pep Fit, owned by Rebecca Pepperine, is located at 40 Oxford Road, Suite 102, New Hartford.

By David L. Podos

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Q.: Tell us about your business. What services do you offer and how long have you been doing this?

A.: I have had my personal trainer’s certification since 2013 and later on, I added the nutrition and health coaching certifications as well as the weight management specialist designation. I want to offer the most comprehensive health and fitness coaching services to people. Pep Fit has been in business since July of 2019.

I am a lifelong Utica resident except for a brief time living in Maryland.


Q.: Can you tell us more about your credentials?

A.: My certification as a personal trainer, health coach, and in weight management is from the American Council on Exercise. My certification as a certified nutrition coach is from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Q:. Where do you offer your services?

A.: The health, nutrition and weight management coaching can take place here at my business, but it is also offered through Skype and Zoom. I also write individual customized fitness-based videos for my clients, so they can view it virtually anywhere. Weather permitting, I can meet small groups in the park and we can go through training there, or with permission from management or the owner, I can meet my clients at their gym and work with them in that environment.

On a case-by-case basis, I can meet at their residences. I try and make it as easy and as accessible as possible while offering all my services, taking into consideration a person’s time constraints and lifestyle.


Q.: You hold a master’s degree in education and were previously a high school counselor. What made you change your direction away from that profession toward owning your own business and providing these services?

A.: I have been involved in a very passionate way since I was 15 years old in health and fitness. My psychology, educational and helping background dovetails with what I am now doing. I don’t offer personal psychological counseling but understanding human behavior is critical in helping a person stay motivated and enthusiastic.

I can use those skill sets to help my clients with lifestyle changes. It was really my desire to just help people become a more healthful and whole person that made me make the change.


Q.: What makes your business different from other businesses that offer similar services?

A.: Pep Fit offers an authentic, realistic, and sustainable approach to weight loss and improved health. Fad foods, quick fix diets are everywhere; Pep Fit does not adhere to those practices. I provide personal guidance, accountability and support that can make a real difference in preventing a client reverting back to unhealthy habits. I also work with all age groups.


Q.: How can a person contact you and what is your business address?

A.: They can call 315-765-0484, visit my website at or email me at


Q.: What are some of your own forms of exercising and relaxing?

A.: My hobbies include tennis, biking, running, music and snowshoeing.