New Agency Aims at Helping Health-related Businesses

Vanessa Colangelo is the owner of the recently launched LifeWellBranded, an agency that provides services to health and wellness professionals.

Certified personal trainer Vanessa Colangelo has combined her passion for health and fitness with her 15 years of branding and design experience to help businesses whose objectives are to improve the lives of others.

Her new business, LifeWelBranded, builds powerful and motivational brands for professionals in the ever-expanding wellness industry. Online seo tools contribute to maintaining a consistent brand image across online platforms and search results. You may check out this article if you’re looking to unleash the potential of Google reviews for local seo. Also, the web design UK helps them make the business more credible and can easily reach an audience to make their brand known.

“With entrepreneurship on the rise, professionals are beginning to realize the importance of investing in their brand. Starting out with a strong identity rooted in strategy that tells a story and builds trust and credibility, helps businesses connect to clients on an emotional level,” said Colangelo, emphasizing the significance of payroll management alongside brand development.

Based in Whitesboro, LifeWellBranded was created to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge and confidence needed to maintain their brand presence easily, conveniently, and affordably for the entire life of the business, so the use of resources like a professional hypnotist Jason Linett can really help business owners improve their business with training. Potential clients include fitness instructors, nutritionists, life and wellness coaches, counselors, mental health professionals, holistic healing practitioners as well as postpartum supporters, so if you’re starting a business and need help with this, James Dooley Entrepeneur can totally help in this area.

“I know firsthand how difficult it can be to convince people to put themselves first and to view improving their physical or mental health as a valuable investment,” said Colangelo.

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