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By Pauline DiGiorgio

celery JUICEI drank celery juice everyday and here’s what happened.

I’m not sure when this whole celery-juicing fad came about but it blew up fast! Everywhere I looked, a health guru, fitness influencer or even my friend’s mom was on a celery juice kick. With great juice diets one can get on the healthy path.

So, I started looking into it — I read articles from, science-based studies, and my peers’ success stories.

The benefits were attractive for sure — supporting healthy digestion, helping to cleanse and detoxify, clears up acne, reduces bloat and decreases water weight.

If this is some sort of holy water, then sign me up. Here is my experience so far.

 Day 1:

Wow, this stuff tastes like a very watery Bloody Mary mix.

But it’s somehow ‘filling me up’ (You must drink the celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to receive the full benefits) so I was able to continue my intermittent fasting schedule easier. I fast from 8 p.m. to noon almost everyday. So it must be the fiber count?

Day 2:

I found out putting this juice over ice, a slice of lime and sipping with a straw was the way to go. Also in a wine glass, it feels fancy with tropical vacation vibes.

Day 3:

In a rush, and almost drank coffee before the celery juice, but I caught myself and drank celery juice first. Actually, I chugged it because I really wanted coffee. Note to self: Do not chug this juice ever again.

Day 4:

I feel 100 % the same as prior daily celery juice consumption. When do I turn into an ultra healthy human?

Day 5:

Is my skin getting clearer? Mmm, no.

Day 6:

My digestion does seem to be on point, but I have also been eating very cleanly. How do I know it’s the celery juice?

Day 7:

Honestly it’s helping me with my morning fast, I feel hydrated, my digestion is really great. Let’s keep going.

Here are some tips if you’re going to start a daily celery juice routine.

Buy a juicer — a good one is Breville juicer. Be prepared to juice, alot. One stalk of celery makes 16 ounces of juice, which is the recommended daily serving. Try to get the celery on sale, or in bulk if possible. You can juice every other day, making two juices at once. I wouldn’t make any more than that; you want to drink it as soon as possible to gain the most  benefit.

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