Are you cool as cucumber, or hot like tamale?

By Marie Kouthoofd

Some theories proport personality differences via warm or cool dominance.

For instance, as a warm color dominant, you are said to be well-adjusted to the world. Liking color in general, you have a particular penchant for the warm side of the spectrum. You are emotionally warm, receptive and tend to express yourself freely.

Highly suggestible, you are open to outside influence. Having an intimate relationship with the cool color, dominant souls might be seen as reserved. Not overly favoring any color, you lean toward liking the cool side of the spectrum.

Adapting to new situations may not come easily and due to you being emotionally reserved, emotional expression does not flow freely. More of a loner, you appear detached or “split-off” from the outside world. Coming off as emotionally cool, you enjoy a rich inner life.

Colorful facts

— Difficult and finicky persons like complex colors.

— Brunettes, on average, prefer the color red, whereas blondes pick blues.

— When green light is cast on human flesh, it creates a putrid, cadaver-like illusion. So much so, this technique has been used in mirrored rooms to force criminal confessions.

— Infants prefer bright over dull tones and fixate and reach more toward bright and rich colors. Red and yellow are choice picks.

— By the age of 3 months, infants are least interested in black, green, blue and violet.

— By adulthood, a clear warm-cool color preference appears. This on average holds true for sexes and all nationalities and creeds.

— Red light increases reaction time, while green light retards.

— Fish, when immersed in red light, show a simultaneous increase in blood pressure as the saturation of red increases.

— Malaria-carrying mosquitoes are attracted to dark blue, red and brown, and not so much to yellow, orange or white fabrics. In response to this finding, the U.S. Army withdrew darker-colored issued clothing for our troops in malaria-infested areas like Africa and replaced them with lighter-colored fabrics.

— Japanese beetles are caught with yellow traps over any other color.

— Mental and visual tasks are best done in softer, darker and deeper color, along with ample illumination.