Magazine features CNY HearStrong champion Sherry Anne

Utica’s own recording artist Sherry Anne is on the spring 2021 cover of “Hearing Life” magazine.

    She is featured in “The Joy of Music” cover story of the magazine published by the Hearing Loss Association of America.

The feature story shares her journey of overcoming hearing loss to become an award-winning singer-songwriter.

Anne was named a HearStrong Champion by the Syracuse-based Hear Strong Foundation in 2020.

“Personal stories, such as Sherry Anne’s, are a powerful tool to help people with hearing loss find encouragement,” said Carrie Johnson, director of communications, Hearing Loss Association of America, Rockville, Maryland.

Anne has bilateral hearing loss that was not diagnosed until she was in kindergarten. Receiving one, and then a second, hearing aid enabled her to learn, communicate and excel in academics, athletics and the arts. Her journey is not without the struggles of bullying and other social impacts experienced by those with hearing loss, but as an award-winning singer-songwriter, speaker, and author Sherry Anne embodies a message of hope for those facing any kind of obstacle.

“I hope the readers of Hearing Life, who experience hearing loss at any level, and at any age, will be inspired to explore their opportunities and discover just how much technology there is for us all to live a better life,” said Sherry Anne. “My message is to encourage anyone facing any kind of obstacle to not let it hold you back from an abundant life.”

Anne has received nationally recognized awards for her singing and songwriting. Her first live concert DVD debuted in the top 5 on the Billboard video chart.  She has sung as a special guest with the Grammy Award-winning Gaither Vocal Band, and been a keynote speaker at women’s and single’s conferences across the U.S. She has acted in two feature films. She was named a HearStrong Champion in 2020. To learn, see and hear more, including her video of “Silent Prayer” with segments for those with hearing loss and for those who have lost a loved one, please visit

Photo: Anne