Candice Sturtevant

Integrative holistic life coach

By Barbara Pierce


Mohawk Valley In Good Health newspaper senior staff correspondent Barbara Pierce recently spoke with Candice Sturtevant, founder-owner, Clearly Connected LLC and the Clearly Connected Integrative Holistic Life Coaching, Wellness & Event Center in Whitesboro.

Q.: How did you become a life coach?

A.: After years of struggling and feeling “stuck,” I hired an amazing integrative holistic life coach that changed my life and inspired me to become a coach myself. I knew from the moment we started working together that I wanted to share the gift of this work with others.

Being an integrative holistic life coach is more than a career path for me. It’s my life purpose. Service has always been the driving force of my heart and soul.

Prior to becoming a life coach, I worked in the nonprofit sector for 24 years. My earliest days were spent working directly with children and families, followed by years of administrative and management roles.

Q.: What training did it take?

A.: I was trained and certified through Legacy Training International. The curriculum was delivered through immersion retreats in Denver, Wyoming and Arizona. I continue to coach and train with a master coach as a commitment to my clients and myself.

Q.: Life coaching is one component of your businesses, Clearly Connected LLC and the Clearly Connected Integrative Holistic Coaching, Wellness & Event Center. What are the other components?

A.: I offer individual life coaching sessions, Reiki therapy, massage therapy and a new dance-fitness class that I recently launched, VXN Workout.

Q.: What are life-coaching sessions like?

A.: My coaching sessions are designed uniquely for each individual. Identifying the client’s intentions for our work together is the first step. From there, each session builds upon itself as the client is taken through a process that helps them get clear and connected to themselves and their lives in a more real and meaningful way.

Q.: What about Reiki?

A.: Reiki is an ancient energy healing treatment that is used to balance energy in the body, relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, and accelerate natural healing. Regular Reiki sessions are often effective in bringing about an increased sense of well-being.

Q.: What will the dance-fitness class be like?

A.: VXN is a dance-fitness brand focused on improving your physical and mental wellness. In my classes, participants are able to feel like performers with the trending choreography, musical remixes and atmosphere lighting. The class experience promotes mind-body connection, emotional release and community in addition to physical fitness.

Q.: How is working with you different from seeing a mental health professional?

A.: My experience with the mental health industry is that it is focused on diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. That is not my focus. I am an integrative holistic life coach and my focus is on personal growth and development for the client. My coaching is driven by helping my clients get clear and living their full potential.

I was trained in a human development curriculum that focuses on the power of the client to heal and transform their lives through coaching, homework and holistic practices.

I do not diagnose the client or look for what is wrong with them. I challenge them to change patterns, feel emotions and consider re-inventing themselves and their life.

Q.: What’s rewarding about your career?

A.: It’s an honor to facilitate and coach others. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients grow, heal and discover their full potential and possibilities. Being of service to others is what brings true happiness to my life.

Q.: What is most challenging?

A.: I am invested in my clients and their path to growth and healing. One of the biggest challenges is to know when to push my clients harder or spend more time getting clear. Coaching is a partnership and the success is a direct result of our work together.

Q.: Who should consider working with you as a life coach?

A.: I work with clients who value integrity and commitment. I work with people who want more for their lives. Working with me requires self-change, responsibility and personal growth.

Q.: Anything else you would like us to know about you?

A.: I am CNY’s Radio Coach on KissFM at 8:30 a.m. on the first Monday of the month. Listen to my broadcasts at

For more information on Clearly Connected LLC and the Clearly Connected Integrative Holistic Coaching, Wellness & Event Center in Whitesboro, call 315-922-1645 or visit